Click here to submit observation! A tool to collect data on V. velutina using a citizen science approach

Citizen science is a valuable tool in ecological research that allows many interested amateurs to participate in data collection or report sightings of certain species. Beekeepers have been actively involved by two COLOSS research efforts in the past: first, they annually contribute in collecting the over-wintering success of honey bee colonies in the COLOSS monitoring core project. Second, in C.S.I. Pollen (“Citizen Science Investigation on Pollen diversity forage available to honey bees”) beekeepers helped in collecting pollen, analyzed them in a very simplified way and stored and finally shipped the samples for laboratory analysis. We provide an online tool, that allows beekeepers to report sightings on a map and upload pictures. They will be able to check hornet species based on provided images of worker hornet and/or follow the link to short educational course that can be taken before. The website will be multilingual, so that one platform can serve many countries and shall also be used for dissemination (e.g. biology and identification of Vespa velutina).